Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The God of All Grace - DDJ#3

Yesterday’s devotional explored how God perfectly equips us to go where he guides. Today’s digs into the part where we come in: asking God into our lives daily.

I need to rebuild the habit of spending time with God every morning. Back when life was a little more ordered, before the economy tanked and we lost our house, I spent the last 10-20 minutes before I went to work praying. Once the chaos of life hit: our son’s birth, loss of jobs, loss of house, change of scenery, change of career path, I lost that time somewhere. Sure, I try to pray daily, but I no longer have an intentional plan to do so. As Angie is very fond of mentioning these days, we need to live, love, pray and do everything else intentionally, always.

One thing I’m well aware of is the power of prayer, yet I’ve failed to live an intentional prayer life every day for several years now.

Well, no more.

From today onward I will get back to praying every morning. While I may not always have a chance to do this devotional journal, I can pray anywhere, anytime. So, why not pray to start the day? Pray to ask God into my day as soon as my brain is functioning (which isn’t right when I wake up… ha!) and let his light shine on my efforts. Every day. Intentionally.

Psalm 32:6a
Therefore let everyone who is godly pray to you while you may be found;

Father God,
Communicating with You is such an amazing privilege. The very notion that You care enough to listen to the words of a broken soul like me makes my heart sing.

I’m sorry I’ve gotten away from my intentional prayer time, Father. Please forgive me. While I’ve never stopped praying, I have let the intentional prayer time slip away.

Please remind me daily to get back to You, Father. And, in those moments, please shine Your light into my life so that I might be filled with Your love and have more than enough to pass that grace onto everyone I contact, all day long.

I know there will be “those days”, but just as You’ve helped me through every one of them so far, how much more will You help me through the ones still to come when You fill my tank each morning!

Thank You for loving me, Father. Thank You for blessing me with such a wonderful wife and son, family, friends and beautiful brothers and sisters in Christ.

I pray all this in your Son’s holy name.


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