Tuesday, June 1, 2010


Ever heard the saying “It feels good to be needed”?

Well, despite what some may think, we’re all needed by someone, or in most cases, a lot of someones. If nothing else, you’re needed by God to do what he specifically designed you to do. Only you can positively affect those you interact with daily in their relationship with you.

As for me, my wife needs me to be her husband, the spiritual leader for our household and a rock for her to lean on as I steady myself on the Lord.

My son needs me to be his father and do so in such a way that teaches him to become a great man of God, so that the potential our Father infused in him won’t go to waste as it would if I led him astray by chasing money or materialism or celebrity or fleshly pleasures.

My friends need me to be me. A guy they can count on and a guy who can help them to live, laugh and love the Lord. A man they can walk alongside, moving closer to God with each step in our journey.

Where’s the hitch in all that? It can’t be that simple, can it? Everything has a catch, right?

Well, there are others who need us to do things, to act a certain way, go a specific direction. Those others don’t serve our Father and they try to lure us off course by dangling earthly glory, pleasures and false security in front of us like a proverbial carrot. We’re in a world of greed, lust and sinful desires, where they need us to disengage from God at the least and to actively disobey him at the most, so that they can marginalize one more of His children.

But, God needs us more.

My wife needs me more. My son needs me more and my friends, co workers and acquaintances need me more. The same can be said of you, and I’m saying it right now. God needs you, today, this instant and for all eternity.

The further our world and our cultures turn from the Lord, the greater the need for everyone to fulfill His needs for us.

Start today.

Right now.

Pray God shows you where He needs you, ask Him to stand by you and shelter you from the storm so that you can show Him how much He is needed, all the while experiencing why you are needed also. Don’t let the world tell you otherwise, you’re a precious child of God and nothing in this life can change that.

It feels good to be needed, doesn’t it?