Monday, September 19, 2011

Soul Storming

I joined a Men's Group through our church last weekend with a standup bunch of fellas. At first, I thought we were going to follow through a study series created by the church that they're encouraging all the small groups to go through at the same time. But, when I dug in, I was pleased to find out the group would instead be studying the Soul Storming curriculum authored by Jason Heriford.

The back of the book blurb is summarized with this:

"God has placed a dream in your heart and he wants to equip you to live it completely."

If that isn't right up my alley, I'm not sure what is.

In essence, the study helps us strip away the mess piled on our true selves by living a life in the world, then helps us identify what God has placed on our heart to do for His Kingdom. Once that's done, the other men (or women) in the group come alongside to help you achieve that goal.

The book was published in 2011, and already has over a dozen successful ministries launched from the study.

While all that is just plain excellent sounding, the two real hooks for me come twofold. Jason Heriford is in this men's group with me and he relied heavily on Pastor Gary Foran in writing the book. Gary happens to be the leader of our couple's small group.

So, if you're fully cognizant of the fact that God has far bigger plans for you and your life than this world might have you believe, pick up a copy of Soul Storming and get into a group of like-minded folks who can come alongside you and take the study from beginning to glorious end.

In other news, my dear friend and spiritual brother Gary Hughes is currently up for a pastor's position at a church near his home. This is an answer to a lot of prayer and could quite possibly be the culmination of a lot of soil tilling God has done in Gary's life. Please pray that God uses this experience to draw Gary closer to him and that if it's His will, that Gary lands the job.

God bless!