Saturday, April 7, 2012

Under Attack! Praise God!

1Peter 4:12-13 Dear friends, do not be surprised at the painful trial you are suffering, as though something strange were happening to you. But rejoice that you participate in the sufferings of Christ, so that you may be overjoyed when his glory is revealed.

Our Pastor in Phoenix, Greg Rohlinger of Palm Valley Church, was often fond of reminding us that we should rejoice when trials and troubles came our way. If you live a carefree life, it’s simply because the enemy doesn’t view you as a threat. Why waste ammunition on someone sitting on the sidelines?

But, our human nature makes us moan and groan when trials and tribulations befall us. We complain and grumble when things don’t go our way. All too often, we allow our circumstance to paint shadows on the canvas of our lives.

Last week, on our way to the leadership meeting for Uncommon Church, we left the house late because Zach refused to get dressed. Then, we drove to the wrong location after I Googled the place and pulled the wrong address off the website.

After that, we arrived twenty minutes late and couldn’t find the meeting in the large complex where it was held (the Cedar Park Rec Center for anyone in the area – come out next Sunday!). While walking around looking for it, Angie and I almost got into an argument, until I could literally feel something urging me to fight with her and pushed it aside.

Once inside the building and settled in, Zach pulled the fire alarm in the kid’s room, forcing the entire facility to be evacuated. Back outside, our prayer vigil was interrupted by fire engines and first responders coming to verify there was indeed no fire, just a mischievous little boy.

After the meeting, we were given some very neat watches that work as a great way to open up- conversation about the church (you need one of these watches!). After wearing hers twice, Angie’s broke. It was as if the enemy was saying "You're not going to wear this or use it to tell anyone about Christ!"

In the midst of all this, our lead Pastor’s wife and son have had some health issues, a member of the board of directors has had to deal with some serious health concerns with a family member and, I’m sure, there’s way more “ammunition” being fired our way.

Praise God!

All this simply adds up to the fact that we’re all under attack, all seen as a threat to the enemy and all on a path to win souls for Christ, rise up those already won and do His work under the banner of Uncommon Church.

Praise God!

He is Risen!

Happy Easter everyone!

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  1. Amen, My Love! It is definitely difficult, in the moment of trials and tribulations, to see them as praise-worthy, but this is a great reminder that they are just that!

    If we weren't actively seeking God and His will, the evil one would leave us alone.

    Boy, our son is going to GREAT things for God! ;-)