Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Examining a Green Thumb, Part Two

In my last post, I mentioned having some additional thoughts that jumped out at me while reading the list from Joe Sangl. I'm going to detail them here and would love to read your thoughts on it as well.

1. No Vision
Communicate your vision to the congregation! No one wants to follow a leader who treats their mission like it's classified. I've seen one too many churches that play their cards close to the vest. It's hard to inspire people to follow you if they have no clue where you're going.

4. Never Asking People To Give
I think this also rings true with serving, joining a small group and doing outreach. If the leader of the church doesn't communicate how important it is to give of your time, talents and treasures, people will be content to remain motionless.

One underlying theme that jumps out at me as well is communication. Transparent, sincere communication is the universal salve to all relationships. If the congregation knows exactly where the church is headed, what the goals are, what everyone must do to achieve those goals, and they get regular updates of the triumphs and speed bumps, they'll take ownership. Everyone has a need God placed in us to be part of something larger than ourselves, but the enemy can quickly turn that need into a sensitive issue if people feel left in the dark. Great leaders don't keep secrets, intentionally or thoughtlessly. Doing so quickly opens the door for #7, breached trust. Don't open that door.

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