Sunday, April 15, 2012

Sunday's Here!

Today is the first day of the rest of our lives.

Sure you can say that about any day, but this isn't just any day. Today is the first Sunday in a long line of Sundays marked by services at Uncommon Church. It's not often you hear about the very first service at a church, but today is one of those days.

And it's going to be dangerous, so beware.

The enemy has tried to stop this church in so many ways I don't have the time to chronicle them all, but next time you see me ask and I'll give you enough stories to make the hair on the back of your neck salute.

Through all the trials, God has turned it to the good.

This church has already overcome things that would end most start up businesses, close the doors of most new restaurants and end the days of most neophyte organizations before they even began. The roadblocks and derailments quite possibly would have seemed impossible to overcome if brought up in foresight, making most decide never to try.

But with God all things are possible.

Thanks to the prayers of so many, including you, God is planting this church on this day in history.

Just as storm clouds swirled over the cross before our savior was overcome, today's forecast calls for severe thunderstorms. And, just like what happened that fateful day over 2000 years ago, God's light will shine through.


  1. What glorious news. Hosanna in the highest!! God Bless you and your church family on this truly wonderful mission.

  2. Thanks Ron! Your prayers and support are a blessing. The first service was exceptional. Kids had a blast, adults grew in faith and God shined all over every moment. :)