Thursday, August 19, 2010

Prayer share

Imagine how awesome it would be to have a thread filled with prayers for everyone to read? I'll toss one out and you can feel free to add your own, or simply pray silently in your heart.

Father God,
It's amazing that you created nebulas and flowers, supernovae and kittens, volcanoes and love. Things I've never even dreamed of, you created. As a creative soul, I'm eternally in awe of your creative prowess.

I'm having trouble staying focused today, Father. Please forgive me and help me to hone in on what I need to do, despite exhaustion, a headache and a thousand distractions.

Please bless my wife and son, our church family, our friends and relatives today in ways that suit Your will for their lives, Father.

In addition, please guide us to mature into the people you designed us to be so that Your will can reach fruition in our lives.

In Jesus' name I pray, amen.


  1. Here's a prayer from a friend who emailed it to me after reading this blog post:

    I pray today that I can try to measure up to Your standards. I pray that I can do something for someone anonymously so that they may see the word of God in action. It’s easy to say, but Lord, to do speaks greater. Lord, I lift your name on high as I walk through this day, I pray for those that are far from you, that need your comfort, grace & mercy. Give me a sense of boldness for YOU, that I may see and hear what You want me to do. Jesus, I love you with all my heart. Amen"

  2. Father God,

    Thank you for the multitude of blessings you have bestowed upon me and my family. You are an awesome and always faithful God; you prove it time and again. Your plan is perfect; your design is flawless. I am in awe of your creations and I can't wait until the day I stand amazed and the plan comes together for all to see.

    Father, I pray that you would keep your hand of protection over those who do not ask you for it. I want to pray for those who do not want to pray to you or do not know they should.

    Help me, Father, to love all your children as you do and see them as you see them. We all live in this broken world and we are all ourselves broken. Please open my eyes and help me to see beyond those flaws, especially when they are not the same flaws I possess, making it easy for me to perceive it as a weakness and look down on it.

    Father, I ask that the same would be said towards me, as I know I have weaknesses and flaws that others don't possess and I pray that I would not be judged for them as I learn to not judge others.

    In Jesus name I pray, Amen.