Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Pray for prayer

I spoke with a good friend today about the need for prayer in our world. He and I both agreed that all too often we're too busy to pray, which is ridiculous (especially for someone who owns and loves Bill Hybels' book Too Busy Not to Pray). So, we've made a pact to email each other a prayer daily in order to remind one another to pray several times a day.

Odds are, you aren't praying enough either. And, I'd like you to join us.

During the conversation, I tossed this out:

"Funny how we can talk to God, tap into our divine birthright (His power) and use it to do great things, yet so many of us allow the evil one to shame us into believing we don't have time, don't have the ability or that God simply doesn't care what we have to say... :("

So, if you're reading and not praying enough, or you're reading and want to encourage us (and other readers) to pray and pray often, please post your thoughts and prayers here.

Prayer is our birthright and we should never, ever let the world or the evil one steal it away from us.

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