Sunday, August 15, 2010

Never Run on Empty

It's easy to see how cars can't run on an empty tank. It's a little harder, but just as true to note how we are physically and mentally less effective on an empty stomach. Where the real danger lies, however is running on an empty spiritual tank.

If you are to pour into others, just as we're called to do, then you need to make sure you keep your tank as full as possible at all times. I learned that the hard way about a year and a half ago and I've been reminded of it recently.

So, how do you keep the tank full? And, what do you fill it with? Just like everything else, the answer is Jesus. But, we need more details than that, more specifics.

Here's a few things I've found to be indispensable.

1) Read the word daily. Even if it's only one verse in Proverbs. I went so far as to go purchase a study bible that I try to read bits of every morning to compliment my One Year Bible reading each day.

2) Subscribe to a daily devotional email service, or find a daily devotional book that speaks to you and read it every day.

3) Spend time alone in prayer with just you and Him.

4) Surround yourself with edifying Christ followers. While the first three are absolutely tremendous helps and totally necessary to keep your tank topped off, this one has a few caveats to it. Make sure these people are honoring God with their lives, walking with Him and able and willing to pour into your life. Just as some people in your life can motivate you and overflow your tank, we all have others who drain it, siphoning our spirit away. Your tank is precious, don't let anyone siphon it.

In the realm of edification, I want to congratulate my beautiful wife for taking her spiritual life by the leash and guiding it towards God, intentionally, more so than she ever has before. If you know her, you might wonder where she needed any improvement since she is purely spectacular in most areas. But, (and don't tell her I said this) we all need to improve at times, even her. So, I'm really overjoyed and proud to see what she's done. You can find out for yourself by going here:

Angie's blog.

Drop in. Say hi. Edify!

And keep your tank full.

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  1. What!? I need to improve?! ;-)

    Thanks for the shout out, baby. I love you!!