Monday, February 15, 2010


I received a neat devotional about God's blessings the other day and it got me thinking about how much God has blessed me, and how wonderful it is when I step back and look at it.

When I was a little boy, I dreamed of being an astronaut, fighter pilot, football player, rock star and several other crazy little boy dreams. The one I dreamed of the most, however, was to be a professional writer, with a beautiful wife and son. But this dream seemed mediocre in the eyes of a wildly imaginative little boy. I mean, who ever conquered another galaxy simply by being a husband and father?

For years I always wondered why God had never blessed me by making my dreams come true. I'd forgotten about the "mediocre" dream and fixated on my music career, which ended just shy of stardom. My writing career, which puts food on the table, but is far from the lofty dreams I'd had as a kid, and obviously, I've yet to catch the winning touchdown in the Superbowl and despite any wishes to the contrary, it's never going to happen.

Then, one day recently, I was playing with my son when I realized God knew what was best for me, just as I know what's best for my son, but He even more so than me. God had answered my dreams and blessed me with what I really needed. While walking on the moon, or performing music in front of thousands of fans might be cool, it's nothing compared to the blessing of my family.

Thank you, God, for sifting through the crazy dreams of a little boy and blessing the man with what really matters.

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