Saturday, January 16, 2010

God's good men

Today we'll be traveling up to Alexandria, Minnesota to celebrate the life of a great man, Ken Deeg Sr. He left this world to join God in Heaven on January 2nd and left behind an awesome son and loving daughter, three excellent grandchildren and a handful of wonderful great-grandchildren.

I didn't know him that well, but from what I know of him, based on what I see in his children, he did great things while here on Earth. Like all of us, he was far from perfect, but he taught his children to be good people, and they passed that on to their children.

A man can do a lot with this life, but if he fails to improve the lives of his own offspring, what has he really done? Ken Deeg Sr. did improve their lives and not only has my wife greatly benefited from having Ken Deeg Jr as her earthly father, my son benefits from having him as a grandfather.

None of that would be possible if God hadn't put Ken Sr here for the past eight decades.

Thanks, God. Thank you for sending one of your good men down here to brighten our lives for a time.

He will be missed.

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