Thursday, November 19, 2009

Join me, won't you?

If you're reading this, chances are you know me, know I'm a writer and know I love Christ. You should also know, I consider you a good friend. Sorry if I fail to communicate that often enough.

Many of you also most likely know I've felt moved to use my writing to further God's Kingdom for a long time now, seeking professional opportunities to do so anywhere I can. Unfortunately, God hasn't seen fit to bless me with the ability to use the talent he gave me for that purpose in an occupational capacity, so I felt the need to do so just for the sake of doing it.

Which brings us here.

Since blogs are so easy to create/update/maintain, I thought "why not start one, invite like minded friends, leave it public and see if God can use it to bless anyone and everyone who lands here?"

To that end, I've invited all of you to join me. You can simply read along as I post various thoughts, articles, SOAPS or other mental meanderings. If you want to jump in, feel free to respond to my posts with comments/thoughts/questions or suggestions of your own. However, what I'd really like is for you to join in and post your own Godly commentary, sharing your faith with all of us, and the rest of the world wide web that finds their way here.

Ultimately, the goal, as the title suggests, is for fellowship to occur organically. With friends sharpening friends as we journey through this life on our way back home.

Thank you for joining me.


  1. Wow Mike! This is really cool. Thanks for inviting me to join.
    As I was reading your introduction here, the last phrase stuck out to me, "as we journey through this life on our way back home." That is absolutely beautiful! It makes me think about what is truly important in my day to day life, the stuff that I put first and the stuff I ignore. Your one phrase helps me to realize that I need so badly to prioritize on a daily basis, because 'life' continually clouds my focus.
    Thank you so much. I look forward to joining in as often as possible. We love you guys!

  2. Thanks for joining in, JJ. :)

    It's funny how one little phrase can impact someone so much. Life certainly does cloud things. "I can't see God! Life got in my eye!"

    We miss you guys & love you too.