Thursday, April 21, 2011

Father God,

You created DNA strands, black holes and little girl’s smiles. From the Grand Canyon to Alpha Centauri to the way my son’s laughter moves the air molecules to my ear in such a manner that the corners of my mouth can’t help but curl upward every time I hear it. The width and breadth of all you’ve created is too vast for my simple human mind to grasp. But the more I try the more in awe of You I am.

Your love is all consuming and I have to admit I fall short of deserving it weekly, daily, hourly. I covet things, grow angry with others, withhold love and engage in more sins than I’m even aware of. Please forgive me, Father. Please.

I want to thank you for all that you do for us, every moment of every day. From the air we breathe to the roofs over our heads to the love of family and friends to the ultimate parental sacrifice you made for us so long ago. Each day, no matter how much we grumble and complain, You meet our needs. We don’t deserve it, can’t earn it and fall short of it, yet you persevere and offer it to us infinitely. Thank you.

Today, Father, I would humbly ask that you soften the hearts of everyone we all come in contact with as we move through the next 24 hours. That you would lift the scales from their eyes so they can see Your Glory through us. That each child of yours reading this prayer might bring everyone they encounter one step closer to coming home with You.

This world has far too many unsaved souls who diligently resist salvation. Today, please let us all save as many of them as possible. Let today be a day that impacts the eternal lives of more than we’ll ever know with Your Grace and Love.

I ask that you carry this request through this Sunday, so that Churches all over the world bring record numbers of Your children back home. And carry that wave of everlasting life forward into the eternal future we all have waiting for us, thanks entirely to Your Love.

I ask all this in Your Son’s precious and Holy name.



  1. With Easter only a few days away, a heartfelt Amen to this prayer. That this Easter sunrise, the power of the Holy Spirit with enlightened the hearts of the lonely, the scared and the lost and bring His flock back home.