Sunday, February 6, 2011

Study at the Feet

I’m not sure why, but I love the old biblical notion of studying at the feet of a scholarly masters. The very thought conjures an image of students sitting on the steps of a great Greek temple with the teacher on the top step, imparting priceless wisdom that we students eagerly lap up, like a dying man drowning his thirst with life giving water.

Unfortunately, there’s no place like that in the St. Paul suburbs, so I have to do my studying remotely. Thankfully, God has given me lots of ways to do this with the dawn of the internet age. Now, between books, videos, emails, websites and blogs, I can study the words of John MacArthur, Craig Groeschel, Billy Graham, TD Jakes, Max Lucado, Greg Rohlinger and Mark Driscoll from the relative comfort of my home.

This morning, I found myself on the Mars Hill Church site, where God led me to a blog post by Pastor Driscoll that tunes right in with a conversation my beautiful wife and I had last night after church.

So, I’d like to share it with you and hear your thoughts:

Problems With (and Hope for) Religious People | Sermon Notes, Luke #60

It’s great to take in lots of information, but to truly absorb it and implement it going forward, I think it’s very important to discuss it in the confines of fellowship. So, please don’t be shy in sharing your thoughts.

Thanks and have a blessed day!

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  1. Wow. Does this ever dovetail right with our conversation from last night (on pretty much all points)!!

    I hope that everyone who read this blog post today also takes the time to read Pastor Mark's blog post.

    This is the kind of stuff REAL life change is born out of!!

    "Information without application is an abomination." - Pastor Greg Rohlinger, Palm Valley Church.