Sunday, March 21, 2010

Five Lives

If you knew you were going to leave this world in twenty four hours and ascend into Heaven, what would you do with the rest of your life here on Earth? It's a question often asked.

Spend time with family, say goodbye to loved ones, maybe scratch a few items off my “bucket list”? These are the first things that used to come to mind when I thought about this… until recently.

Have you ever had one of those times when there seems to be a conflux of information, all flowing together to send you a message? That’s happened recently in my life and totally changed my perspective on the question.

This picture has come together as jigsaw pieces found in recent devotionals, messages at our Church and conversations with the Godly guys in my men’s group. When it all coalesces, I can’t help but realize God is trying to teach me something. And, thankfully, I’m learning.

If I knew I was going to leave this life in twenty four hours and ascend into Heaven, what would I do with the rest of my time here on Earth?

Now when I consider that question, the first thing I think of is “who will I fail?”

There are people in my life that I have the unique ability to touch in a way only I can. You have them too; maybe they’re your spouse or a child, parent, a good friend, co-worker, neighbor or business associate. We’re all originals, one-off people unlike anything else God has ever made. With that comes the aforementioned unique ability to touch certain people as only you or I can.

What will I do when I’m in front of God and He asks me “What about them?” Make no mistake; I’ll immediately know whom He means.

My best friend from childhood.
Step Father.
My agent.
My cousin.

While I’ve tried to talk to each of them about God, tried to share the gospel, it’s fallen on unhearing ears. I won’t say “deaf” because they know I’m trying, but they don’t really hear what I’m saying.

When someone I truly love asks me to do something, I do my best to make it happen.

Matthew 4:19 “Come, follow me,” Jesus said, “and I will make you fishers of men.”

I truly love Jesus, and He’s asked me to come, follow Him and fish for souls. So, I’ll keep trying.

To answer the original question: I’d spend the last hours praying for God to soften the hearts of those I can uniquely touch, so that before I left this life, those five lives might be shown the way so they could follow me as I follow Him.

In the meantime, I’ll keep trying, and continue to cast my nets in front of everyone else I encounter. At least, I aspire to do those things. But, I’m human and will stumble and fall for sure.

Father God,
Your plan for this world, our lives and eternity is the most amazing story ever told.

I admit my fishing skills are poor, my focus wanders and I’ve yet to fill my nets. This is more from lack of trying than lack of opportunity. Please forgive me, Father.

Thank you for continuing to cover my inequities with grace, even though I’ve done nothing to earn it, nor anything to deserve it. And thank you for giving me the chance to help save you’ve placed in my life.

Please keep me on track, Father. Place your hand of protection on my efforts to fish for souls, guarding this mission from both worldly and unholy assaults. You’ve called us all to this mission Father, please remind us frequently that this is what you’ve asked us to do and enable us to have the opportunities to open eyes, hearts and minds, so that your seed can be planted, nurtured and grown.

In Jesus’ name I pray,

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