Sunday, May 30, 2010


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God has blessings waiting to pour all over you. Yet, if you’re like me, you might spend some time wondering why they haven’t been poured out yet. The idea occurred to me that my life is like a big project, and those blessings are dedicated for the project and nothing else.

If I were to undertake a project to build a hospital, but wanted to spend some of the budget on a grand party, would I be able to complete the hospital properly, having misused resources? Would I have enough for the ICU, the neo natal ward, the delivery rooms? No, probably not.

I think it’s easy to pose the same question to my overall life.

God knit me in my mother’s womb so that I could fulfill a destiny He set out before me. That destiny did not include becoming a rock star, although I tried. It did not include becoming a professional football player, although I chased that as well. In fact, it didn’t include flying fighter jets, orbiting the earth in a space shuttle or owning a nightclub… all of which I dreamed of doing at one point or another. And, almost as if I were visibly veering off course, God did not bless me in any of those endeavors except so that those experiences could help me down the trail he already blazed for me.

However, once I did correct my course and start walking in the light, the blessings began pouring out. My marriage blossomed into a wonderfully strong union, with God at the center. My son was born, healthy and happy. My family grows closer to God daily and by default closer to one another. And, most importantly, I learn more about walking with the Lord and how to bring others along for the journey each and every day.

What used to burden my heart is now trivial. What once caused strife in my soul I now shrug off. The worldly things I yearned for, and agonized over when I couldn’t possess them, are devalued, because they do not honor God. In the grand scheme, cars, houses, toys and celebrity mean nothing if you aren’t serving Him.

So, by changing my focus from worldly things to the Kingdom of God, I have laid claim to my blessings and rest assured that He will dispense them to me as needed. If I have a financial shortfall one month, God is faithful and I receive a refund from something I never knew I had coming. If hardship comes my way, He soothes my soul and calms my spirit, so that I can see it as an opportunity to grow, instead of one to wither. With these seemingly miraculous divine interventions, I’ve learned that faith is a two way street. I have faith in Him, He has faith in me. How awesome!

With that knowledge comes a peaceful freedom unlike anything I’ve ever known. And, I’d like you to have it as well.

How can you claim your blessings, you ask? Here’re a few simple steps to claim what’s rightfully yours.

1) Discover your God honoring goal and dedicate your life to achieving it. You might need to seek advisement on this from your local church and you’ll certainly need to pray on it daily until you achieve clear vision.

2) Pray that He equips you to achieve this goal. Where God guides, God provides, but you must ask so that He knows you truly want it.

3) Pray for wisdom to achieve this goal in a way that honors the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Anything less is a waste of resources and you just might need those to build a hospital.

4) Pray for perseverance to overcome the troubles that will come. Know that God is at your side, He’s got your back and nothing on earth can defeat His plan.

5) Pray for His protection. If you truly are on a mission from God, the evil one wants nothing more than to derail you. As your successes mount, so will the attacks from those who despise the Lord. But, have faith, He holds the key to the vault of your blessings, and he wants you to have them.

6) Pray simply because you love the Lord. Bask in that love, letting it wash over you like a gentle breeze on a warm summer’s day. Be still and know that His blessings are yours.

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  1. One of my greatest blessings is that I get to be married to such a godly man!! :-)