Wednesday, December 23, 2009

A Friend in Need...

Ever had one of those friends that was just so wonderful you didn't understand what you did to deserve having such an awesome person in your life?

Those kinds of friends are rare, and if you've never had that, I pray God blesses you with such a person soon.

We've actually been blessed with a few such people. Two of which are our best friends from Phoenix, Aaron and Christen (and their awesome little boy, Xavier, too).

Well, today we learned Aaron had to take Christen the to hospital last night for hip pain. After several hours, tests and uncertainty, the doctors returned and said she had blood clots in her legs and lungs.

Christen is a wonderful mother, incredible wife and one of the most important people to enter our lives since we gave our hearts to Christ. And now, two days before the celebration of the birth of our Lord, she's lying in a hospital bed instead of sitting home wrapping presents and drinking egg nog with her family and friends.

Those of you who know me understand I'm not the sort to pray for God to change His will on things. In fact, I'm possibly too far to the opposite end of that spectrum.

However, tonight, I'm going to go out on a selfish limb and beg all of you to join me in praying that God would heal her so she can return home to watch her beautiful son and loving husband open presents Friday morning and share in their joy as they celebrate the life of our savior.

Father God,
There are plenty of angels in heaven... this one needs to stay down here with us, Father.

Please. Please heal her, make her healthy once again. I beg you, Father. That's my Christmas wish as your son.

In Jesus' name I pray, amen.

And, to anyone reading this, I'm begging you to pray for Christen. Pray she heals. God can do anything. He can certainly heal her. And with all of us praying for her, he'll know we need her here.

Thank you and Merry Christmas...

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